Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Workers Party: Chen Show Mao

I was talking to a friend the other day and he said: “Wah, WP not bad this time! Remember Chen Show Mao? They managed to attract a few more star candidates to their party this time! Got professor and lawyers...not bad… just like the PAP!
So I thought to myself, if CSM is the prototype for WP’s superstar, who could be the next star candidate that flops CSM?
The suspects are Associate Professor Daniel Goh, litigation lawyer Terence Tan, and law firm partner Dennis Tan.
But remember WP’s previous star catch who flopped Chen Show Mao?
He’s also a top lawyer! Rhodes scholar somemore. If you don’t know what that is, it’s some bombastic ang moh scholarship, so he must be as good as all the President’s Scholars that the PAP have. But I haven’t heard him speak in a while…
So maybe these WP star candidates don’t actually have that much to do! If they get elected into Parliament, all they need to do is:
1.       Keep telling people “I am one of you” – Upload as many pics of yourself on the public transport as you can

workers party chen show mao

2.       Come with a well-prepared speech, but leave the supplementary questions to your more eloquent colleagues (eh, but I thought he lawyer)

chen show mao in parliament

3.       Blink and talk slowly or hem and haw
chen show mao A team fails

4.       On difficult issues like the AHPETC saga: JUST STAY SILENT! (eh, but I thought he used to work for many financial companies? Wouldn’t he know how to explain the accounts?)
workers party foreign talent quota

5.       Instead, spend time taking shaky and artistic-looking FB pictures – As blur as possible
 chen show mao epicfail
chen show mao meme

So everyone,
workers party manifesto ge2015
 worker party singapore meme ge 2015

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