Wednesday, 19 August 2015

SG GE 2015: Low Thia Khiang - The pot calling the kettle black

Is this the kind of politics we want: Low Thia Kiang
Is this the online platform I want to read?
Having frequently read the commentaries on The Online Citizen, it is apparent that the writers are writing in favour of the Workers’ Party. While I am all for fairness in reporting, it seems like TOC is only sitting on one side of the fence and creating stories simply for the benefit of WP.
Andrew Loh, a co-founder of TOC, will share articles onto his own Facebook page. In in his posts, he would usually make extra comments about the ruling party, PAP.
Andrew Loh and Low Thia Khiang

Leave the gentleman out of it. He is only making an announcement, why do you want to attack him?
dirty politics by Singapore opposition parties

Getais and politics are definitely two separate matters. But why make such remarks?
andrew loh toc sylvia lim

This recent article on WP’s walkabout in Nee Soon also came with a photo supplied by Andrew Loh, while the article is written by one Vidhya Nair.
As an outsider, it seems like WP and TOC have an agreement to help support each other in their argument, especially when in cases when there isn’t enough substantial evidence to back up. They also use images and pictures from each other’s sources.
online smears by workers party

Is this the kind of online articles that I want to see going viral? No.
Is this the kind of online platform I want to read? No.
While constructive commentaries are good to share, articles filled with empty words or baseless arguments should not make its rounds.

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