Monday, 31 August 2015

SG General Election 2015 Candidate Chee Soon Juan

Candidate for Singapore General Election 2015: Dr Chee Soon Juan

Dr Chee Soon Juan likes to tell people that he is a martyr and stands up for democracy in Singapore.

With nomination day tomorrow, people want to know what he is really like. Hearing him talk about himself is like hearing a company say it’s very good, got high pay, big bonus and got chiobu, but after you work there you find out the pay is high because you never go home, and the only chiobu is the lao aunty who wants to set you up with her granddaughter.

So who is Chee Soon Juan? The best way to know is to ask the people who knew him or worked for him. These were what some of the people who knew him best had to say:

- Dr Vasoo was CSJ’s superior at the National University of Singapore and persuaded NUS to give Chee a job. Dr Vasoo was forced to sue Chee for libel because CSJ accused Dr Vasoo of fabricating evidence against him.

- Mr Chiam See Tong was CSJ’s mentor in SDP. Chiam had to sue Chee for illegally kicking him out of his own political party. Then Chiam had to sue CSJ again for saying that Chiam almost “killed” SDP.

- Jeremy Chen was a PhD student working for SDP. He called CSJ stubborn, jealous, egotistical and a poor leader. Jeremy was a great supporter of SDP, but ended up asking why SDP would support a leader who lacks integrity.

So Chee Soon Juan is a man who turns around and backstabs the person who gets him a job, kicks his mentor out of his own political party, defames his mentor, and makes life hell for a student who works under him.

What will he do to us Singaporeans if he gets into Parliament?!

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