Monday, 31 August 2015

AHPETC Financial Report - A Sinkhole in the making

AHPETC – A Sinkhole in the making?

To be honest, I was extremely, if not pleasantly, surprised that AHPETC had reported that their financial report for 2014/2015 had shown a small surplus. Thoughts of the Government fixing them came to my mind and I thought that the Workers’ Party had finally gotten their act today.

This changed this morning when I read The New Paper report that FMSS had served a letter of demand to AHPETC for the sum of $3.5 million. Straight away, any sympathy and remaining sense of faith I had in the Workers’ Party were gone.

I recalled when the issue of their account was raised in 2012, AHPETC blamed the improper hand-over by George Yeo.

Then when their lie was refuted, they then blamed the political nature of the Town Council system and claimed in Parliament that no one wanted to work for them. Once again, I was partially convinced that it was possible, but a close friend of mine working in the facilities management industry told me otherwise. In fact, he told me that many of the companies working for AHPETC were in fact serving the PAP-run Town Councils. Some reputable companies like Ban Chuan Trading & Engineering Pte Ltd, ATL Maintenance Pte Ltd, Campaign Complete Solutions Pte Ltd, Yong Aik Construction Pte Ltd, EM Services etc.

I am sure there are many more. So how can Low Thia Khiang claim in Parliament that no one wants to work for AHPETC?

Piecing information on AHPETC’s poor financial status as alluded to by the AGO and MND, now that it is confirmed that AHPETC owes FMSS $3.5 million, I cannot help but wonder how much more AHPETC owes….

God bless the residents of AHPE

SG Bumiputra

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