Thursday, 26 March 2015

Low Thia Khiang Dishonors Mr Lee Kuan Yew

Today in a despicable act by the leader of the opposition in Singapore, Mr Low Thia Khiang dishonored the memory of Mr Lee Kuan Yew at the Special Parliamentary Session convened to honor him.

Special Parliamentary Session in honour of Lee Kuan Yew

In addressing the House, Mr Low Thia Khiang was reported by Today to have said "success arose not just from Mr Lee's fighting spirit and tenacity but also his sincerity. The PAP's one-party rule was not the reason for transformation, he said. Many Singaporeans were sacrificed. Mr Lee did what was right, but silencing opposition has risked disconnecting Singaporeans from their own society."

Low Thia Khiang dishonors Mr Lee Kuan Yew

There is a time for everything Mr Low. Your words were said in extremely poor taste. It was something we would expect from the likes of Han Hui Hui and Roy Ngerng, not from the defacto leader of Singapore's opposition.

Your actions and words are equivalent to someone going to a wake and spitting on the deceased. As a Singaporean I was shocked to hear you utter such words. I can only imagine the pain that PM Lee felt. Unfortunately, in Parliament, you have your Parliamentary Rights to speak. However, if you use your Parliamentary rights to deliberately hurt another human being when he is already hurting, you are a man of poor character.

I really hope that the residents of Aljunied, Hougang and Punggol East see the man that you are and vote you out.

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  1. I agree. He's a person underserving lacking in morals. He knows everyone is listening and that was when he' twisted his knife' into his well-planned eulogy . ..A cunning man indeed.