Friday, 13 March 2015

PAP Activists Fight for Aljunied GRC - Flyers on AHPETC

Channel News Asia reported on 13 March 2015 that PAP activists in Aljunied GRC have distributed flyers urging residents to ask their Members of Parliament to answer questions posed about AHPETC.

The flyers are a direct response to Pritam Singh's defiance in Parliament that the "Worker's Party will not answer to Parliament but only to the residents of Aljunied."

PAP flyers in aljunied GRC

While there are mixed reactions to the PAP activists' actions, SG Bumiputera is glad that the PAP has finally gone on the offensive. It is time that the PAP stop being gentlemen and start to fight the Workers' Party at the same level. For those who live in Aljunied, the WP is no gentlemen and they employ numerous underhanded tricks to cultivate the perception that Aljunied residents are being persecuted by the Government. This, is their ploy to maintain control the electorate.

In our minds, the Worker's Party is out of control. Aljunied-Hougang-Punggol East is still Singapore and the laws of the land apply. It is ironic that the Workers' Party sought to be elected into Parliament to be a check and balance for the PAP, but they then deny the authority of Parliament to ask and get answers. It is also hypocritical that the WP continue to ask questions in Parliament during Budget Debate 2015 and expect to get answers from the PAP.

Content of PAP Flyer in Aljunied GRC
(Scanned image of Flyer obtained from Aljunied Resident)

The PAP needs to wake-up and stop fighting like gentlemen. If the PAP continues to stick to their values, they will be overwhelmed by the underhanded games of the Worker's Party. What the WP seems to have forgotten, is that 40% of AHPETC residents voted for the PAP#sharethetruth Bring it on!


  1. Fight politics with politics

  2. If it is illegal to give out flyers, please arrest all opposition party members too. Afterall, they are seen every weekend all over Singapore distributing their own flyers.