Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Parliamentary Debate on the AGO's Special Audit Report on AHPETC

Parliamentary Debate on the AGO's Special Audit Report on AHPETC

aljunied special report ago workers party
The recent parliamentary debate on the AGO's Special Audit Report on AHPETC has revealed many things.
To some, the ruling PAP was out to fix the opposition by pointing out "innocent" mistakes of the Worker's Party, while to others, it was the Government that was out to protect the interests of Singaporeans living in Aljunied, Hougang and Punggol East. What many seem to forget, is that the Worker's Party only won 54.72% of valid votes cast at General Elections 2011. This means 45.28% of residents do not support the Worker's Party and they want (and expect) the Government to ensure that their interests are also protected.
What is however the most disturbing is the attitude of the Worker's Party. When asked to answer valid questions posed to them in the forum in which they were duly elected to, the Worker's Party without shame or hesitation responded that they do not need to answer to Parliament. This is the same Parliament in which the WP campaigned to be elected to so that they can be a check and balance against the People's Action Party (PAP). If WP does not respect Parliament as the seat of democracy, then what is it that they believe in?
One can only speculate, but the likely embezzlement of millions of tax-payers dollars (via FMSS and FMSI) points to money being their motivation.
Mr Low Thia Khiang and Ms Sylvia Lim, AHPE is not a fiefdom. You and your party members are not WARLORDS who are free to do whatever you want without consequences. You were elected to be a check and balance in Parliament. For you to fulfill your election promise, you must respect the role of Parliament. You must therefore answer to it.

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