Thursday, 12 February 2015

AHPETC Taken to Court Over Delayed Refund of S&CC

SINGAPORE. In Parliament today, Worker's Party of Singapore Ms Sylvia Lim stated that the Aljunied-Hougang-Punggol East Town Council (AHPETC) was financially stable and that they were not facing any cash flow problems. 

This is indeed ironic as AHPETC was only recently taken to Court by a resident for non-refund of S&CC fees paid in advance covering the period beyond the HUDC privatization date.

AHPETC Aljunied Town Council Sued

According to the former HUDC resident, AHPETC was giving all sorts of lame excuses to defer payment. The resident had lodged his claim at the Small Claim Tribunal forcing AHPETC to settle amicably before Hearing (via cash settlement on 29.1.2015). Another resident who pursued this matter with AHPETC for months to no avail had filed a police report but was advised to pursue such civil suit in Court.

For the benefit of other affected residents, the claimant had agreed to publish this matter here on condition of anonymity. At present, a total outstanding sum exceeding $13,000.00 is still owing by AHPETC to many residents here in respect of advance S&CC fees.

What is disturbing is that AHPETC has been re-directing residents to claim from MCST instead, and stating that the money was already remitted to MCST, being part of the $60k and $450k remitted in 2 separate tranches (when in fact the latter are separate issues).

The question that is being asked by many is "where has the millions gone?" If AHPETC is indeed financially strong as claimed by Ms Sylvia Lim, why then the delays in making a simple refund of $138.70? Or for that matter the $13,000 it owes to its residents?

Since Mr Pritam Singh said that they would answer only to their residents, perhaps AHPETC will provide answers to the many residents they owe money to.



    Read more here on his empty promise in his letter to us. He said our estate's MCST would be paid another $90K upon completion of FY13 audit in a few months time dated 19 Aug 14. That audit however hasn't started.

  2. I hope AGO or Law Minister initiate criminal proceedings once these "unlawful actions" are proven. The former HUDC residents can lodge a Police or CPIB report to seek redress on the lost $millions owing to their Sinking Fund either as individual stakeholder or collectively through MCST.

    1. We hope so too.
      Do inform us if your MCST decides to initiate legal actions against AHPETC.