Sunday, 8 February 2015

Is SDP's Dr Chee Soon Juan A Changed Man?

In recent months, opposition figure of the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) Dr Chee Soon Juan appears to have turned over a new leaf. 

In recent public exchanges with the ruling People's Action Party (PAP) over Chee Soon Juan's on-going efforts to denigrate Singapore in front of an international audience, Chee had departed from his traditional confrontational kamikaze approach. Instead of responding with wild (and often unfounded) accusations against his detractors, Chee Soon Juan adopted a more muted stance by acknowledging the accusations and presenting his "side of the story" without any inflammatory remarks or counter-claims.

While we at Singapore GE 2016 find this a refreshing approach for Singapore opposition politicians to adopt (and which is inline with PM Lee's call for constructive politics), we are however reminded of the old proverb that "a leopard cannot change its spots." As such, much as we want to believe that Dr Chee Soon Juan (and the SDP under his leadership) can be a credible opposition in Parliament, we believe in the laws of nature and that it will be only a matter of time that Chee Soon Juan reverts to his former self.

With the future of our children at stake, we believe that we cannot take the risk and we urge Singaporeans not to be tricked by Dr Chee Soon Juan's dog and pony show.

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