Monday, 9 February 2015

AHPETC Audit Report by AGO - Legal Corruption


AHPETC AGO Audit Report Corruption

If I had her handphone number, this is what I would ask Ms How Weng Fan.

“Hey Ms How - are you getting a $1 million dollar salary without being a minister?”

The WP town council is managed by FM Solutions and Services (FMSS), set up four days after WP in Aljunied in 2011.  FMSS owned by husband and wife - Danny Loh and How Weng Fan, aassentor and proposer for the WP in Ang Mo Kio GRC in 2006 General Election.

Today Mr Loh is the secretary and and Ms How is the deputy secretary/general manager of the AHPETC.

Hey Ms How, are you still a strong supporters of WP? You must be doing well lah.

You have given away more than $26 million of contracts already.

$5.2 million handed over to your own company without a tender. And today, you are totally milking the town council right?

You charge very high rates - 70% more than a PAP town council.

Surpluses are down - from a $3.3 million surplus, AHPETC has run down the accounts to minus $700,000 after mingling their accounts with Hougang.

And you don’t really have to work very hard – nearly one third of people don’t pay their SC and C fees. Two-thirds are subsidising one-third of residents, who just decided that they don’t need to pay.  And you don’t even need to collect from them – you are your own boss what!

So you issue invoice to the town council wearing your MA hat.

You issue cheques to yourself wearing your TC hat.

Damn good business model.

1.      We are paying you and your husband 70% more than others.
2.      You own the company and can take profits.
3.      And each month, you get $3 million in S and C.

Wah! That’s like a minister’s pay right?

Where is this money going?  Are you paid twice – once as GM and again as owner of FMSS?

Being a WP member has its rewards. How can I join? How big is my cut?

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