Tuesday, 17 February 2015

AHPETC Does Not Honor Its Promises - Florence Regency

The former owners of HUDC Estate at Hougang Avenue 2 (under AHPETC) have started speaking up.

In a letter dated 15 August 2014, Mr Png Eng Huat clearly stated that “AHPETC will pay a second installment by August 2014 ...” Up till today, 18 Februray 2015, no payment has been received. To the residents, it is becoming increasingly evident that they are not willing (or able) to pay. Is AHPETC in financial trouble? Where has all the money gone?

AHPETC Financial Trouble Worker Party Singapore

AHPETC financial trouble hudc florence regency


  1. A subsidiary proprietor of a unit in Florence Regency happens to be a PAP MP I won't name for the fact that this matter, if politicised the wrong way, will result in the HDB dwellers saying that it is all right for the TC to have us middle-class professionals in gated estates now with condo status subsidise their S &CC fees. They'll continue to support the WP as they can get away with paying. The MND has made it clear that if they fail to submit their audit for FY 2013, they will be withheld SF subsidies so let's see what will happen. There were around 10 units transacting for top dollar between 2012-2013 from $990K to $1.065 million excluding the $30K privatisation fee (2 units sold at $1.06M and 1 at $1.065M). If the MCST doesn't wish to take legal action, there are some individual SPs who are willing to do it. It's not rocket science calculating how much each SP can get.

  2. I feel that the PAP MP should voice out our Sinking Fund issue to prove that the AHPETC "lapses" are real and not something fabricated or politically-motivated.

  3. Dear Anonymous,

    I am afraid that even if the PAP MP speaks up about the Sinking Fund it will fall on death ears. This is because the Worker's Party has categorically denied the need to answer to Parliament.

    I feel for your sense of helplessness but, in sense, this is the electorates' choice.

  4. As reported in the Chinese Press, there were 100 signatures petitioning WP for answers. These residents may be from the ex-HUDC estates at Serangoon Nth. Thus, Florence Regency should sign a petition to WP demanding answers likewise.