Saturday, 7 February 2015

Roy Ngerng to Flee Singapore Reveals M Ravi

SINGAPORE. In a video published on 6 February 2015 on M Ravi's Facebook page, M Ravi tells Singaporeans that that Roy Ngerng Yi Ling has "siphoned money" from the public donations he has collected and "intents to leave Singapore" to seek asylum in Norway.

Roy Ngerng Steals Legal Defence Fund

While SG General Elections 2016 has long suspected that Roy Ngerng has no intentions to abide by the court's judgement, this is the first time that we have proof of Roy's true intention. We place high credibility on M Ravi's statement that Roy Ngerng indeed plans to flee Singapore with the donations simply because M Ravi is a lawyer and he is well aware of the dangers of defamation. In addition, M Ravi has been a close support of Roy Ngerng and he is very likely to be in a position to know of Roy's game plan.

Singapore GE 2016, sincerely hopes that this credible revelation by M Ravi about Roy Ngerng will convince Roy's remaining supporters to abandon their support of Ngerng. SG General Election 2016 (and many other former supporters) have been asking Roy Ngerng to account for the money he has collected, but to date we have not received any replies.

"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me." It is time for Singaporeans to stop being fooled by Roy Ngerng.

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