Friday, 27 February 2015

Martyn See Makes Police Report - Ulterior Motives

In a false act of standing-up for Singapore Indians, failed Singaporean film-maker Martyn See has made a police report against MP Lam Pin Min for an allegedly seditious Facebook comment.

martyn see makes police report against lam pin min

We must however see Martyn See's actions for what it truly is - a deliberate attempt to subvert the course of justice.

It is telling that Martyn's decision to make the report came more than 3 weeks after MP Lam Pin Min's post, but only 4 days after the editors of The Real Singapore (TRS) was arrested for sedition. It is also telling that Martyn stretched and convoluted the truth to accuse MP Lam of sedition - the same charges that the editors for TRS were arrested for.

Given Martyn's close connections to TRS, the fact that no Indians saw MP Lam's comments as seditious, and the fact that Martyn has never championed minority rights in his career, Martyn's police report reeks of ULTERIOR MOTIVES. In our opinion, Martyn (and probably the editors of TRS) are falsely filing a police report in the hopes of subverting the course of justice. In their warped minds, they mistakenly believe that by implicating MP Lam Pin Min, it will save the editors of TRS.

Like many Singaporeans, we at SG Bumiputera are elated that the police has finally taken actions against the editors of TRS. TRS is a site that deliberately mis-represents the truth in a calculated attempt to incite xenophobia. Ironically, while they claim to be the voice of average Singaporeans, TRS is run by foreigners. Similar to the fate of the TRS editors, we hope that after its due process, the Singapore Police Force will also take actions against Martyn See for making a false report.

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