Saturday, 7 February 2015

Survey Shows 79% of Singaporeans Satisfied with the Government


Accordingly to Blackbox Research, 2014 was a year in which the Government announced major changes to medical insurance (Medishield Life) and new benefits for the elderly (the Pioneer Package) andexperienced a contrast in fortunes in two major areas –public transport and CPF.

After facing considerable unrest over public transport responses through 2012-13, the Government successfully turned things around in 2014. Community satisfaction with its public transport efforts rose from 53% in January to 73% by the year’s end.

Overall, Blackbox Research shows that 79% of Singaporeans surveyed are satisfied with the way things are going in Singapore, while 65% rate current economic conditions in Singapore as Excellent/Good.

This is a pretty good outlook for the People's Action Party (PAP) as Singapore prepares for General Election 2016.

Survey on Singaporean Perception of Government

Who is Blackbox ResearchBlackbox Research is a privately owned Singapore-based, award-winning agency operating since 2002. Proficient across both commercial and public policy research, Blackbox offers communications research expertise and innovative digital research services across the Asia Pacific region.

About the Survey MethodologyEach month Blackbox conducts one thousand [1000] face-to-face interviews with Singapore residents aged 15 and above across the nation. The data is collected following a systematic random door-to-door methodology. The sample is nationally representative and geographically stratified down to the district level. Each monthly sample composition mirrors the residential distribution across the island as well as additional demographic factors such as gender, age, household type and ethnicity. The sample error is approx. +/- 3%. For further information about the survey findings and our research services, please contact us at

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