Monday, 16 March 2015

TRS Lies Again Over PAP Flyer Campaign at Aljunied

The Real Singapore (TRS) lies again with their misleading headlines over the PAP flyers at Aljunied GRC. To perpetuate their lies, TRS has drawn an analogy with the 2009 prosecution of Chee Siok Chin, Gandhi Ambalan and others who had walked from Hong Lim Park to Queenstown Remand Prison, while distributing flyers, to commemorate the anniversary of the World Bank IMF meetings protest. The charge was unlawful procession (without permit) under what is now the Public Order Act.

PAP smear campaign aljunied GRC flyers

There is no basis to say that Victor Lye and others, who had gone separately, block to block, to distribute flyers, had conducted an unlawful procession. Moreover, many opposition parties regularly walk around, in markets, hawker centres and other public areas, in large groups, to sell their newsletters and distribute flyers and other materials.

WP distributes flyers in aljunied GRC

There are even numerous online articles showing members of the opposition (in party uniforms) walking around and selling their newsletters and distributing flyers. Since TOC and TRS question whether Victor Lye's actions are illegal, does it mean that the actions of the Worker's Party (WP), the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) and the National Solidarity Party (NSP) are also illegal? Or does TOC and TRS not consider these illegal since they are putting out pro-WP, pro-opposition material?

Stop the lies! #Sharethetruth #WPoutofcontrol


"procession" means a march, parade or other procession (whether or not involving the use of vehicles or other conveyances) -

(a) comprising 2 or more persons gathered at a place of assembly to move from that place substantially as a body of persons in succession proceeding by a common route or routes; and

(b) the purpose (or one of the purposes) of which is - (i) to demonstrate support for or opposition to the views or actions of any person, group of persons or any government; (ii) to publicise a cause or campaign; or (iii) to mark or commemorate any event,

and includes any assembly held in conjunction with such procession, and a march by a person alone for any such purpose referred to in paragraph (b)(i), (ii) or (iii);

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