Monday, 31 August 2015

Open Letter by a Concerned Resident to Ms Sylvia Lim

Open Letter by a Concerned Resident to Ms Sylvia Lim
Dear Ms Lim,
First of all, thank you for stepping up and speaking-up for average Singaporeans like myself.
open letter sylvia lim ahpetcAs a resident of Aljunied, I have been following the AHPETC saga closely as it afterall concerns me and my family. My husband and I, despite what the Government says, believe that you are an honest person and do not know of the huge profits that FMSS has made off the TC. This is a case of you trusting the wrong people who in the end succumbed to greed. Coffee-shop talk is that they are all Mr Low’s trusted friends and if this is the case, I can understand the difficult situation you must have been in all these years as a Chairman of the TC without control over the officers of FMSS.
While I do agree that there may be some political motivation on behalf of MND, I also believe in the adage that there is no smoke without fire. So since they have now highlighted certain gaps or lapses in AHPETC which is difficult to deny, I hope that you will now pay more attention to the details and sort out the problem. I believe as the opposition, you would be given some leeway by the public as experience takes time to acquire.
To be honest, from a resident's perspective, I really don't bother how much the MA earns as long as I do not pay more than what is fair and I get good service. My only concern is whether the issues raised by MND will affect the house I live in and to a greater extent the resale value of my house.
As a Singaporean, I believe we all want the same thing - a country that is democratic and based on justice and equality. At the coming GE, my family and I will continue to give you and the WP our support because we believe you need a chance to grow and gain experience. But you must be upfront with us all and acknowledge when something is wrong and then give us your word that you will sort things out. We will respect and trust you for it.
A Resident and Supporter

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