Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Singapore General Election 2015: Gilbert Goh and Why I Will Never Vote for Him

Gilbert Goh has finally thrown his hat into the ring and will be contesting in the AMK GRC under the banner of the Reform Party. Nothing surprising as he has been a strong advocate of the down-trodden in Singapore. So why will I not vote for Gilbert? Simple.

Singapore ge2015 gilbert goh

#1: No Integrity. Gilbert likes to post pictures on Facebook of down trodden Singaporeans. He puts pictures of homeless people and accuses the Government of not helping. While it may be true that these few are homeless, what Gilbert fails to do is to tell the full story. As any social worker can tell you, solving the homeless problem often goes far beyond providing a physical home. It often goes into issues like family circumstances. In fact, many social workers will tell you that these homeless choose not to take-up the Government’s offer of shelter and help. It can be an issue of pride. Whatever it is, one cannot accuse the Government of not helping. So, the number one reason I will not vote for Gilbert Goh is because he tells half-truths for his personal agenda. Do we need an opposition like that in Parliament? I think not.

#2:  Irresponsible. As part of his activism, Gilbert Goh runs the website Often, Gilbert will repost letters from PMETs claiming discrimination with examples that are blatantly false. Instead of making the effort to verify the information, or to edit these letters out, Gilbert will run these letters to stir anti-foreigner sentiments. I am not against activism, but I want responsible activism. Singapore is a multi-racial country and like it or not, we need to be extra careful when it comes to race and religion. We cannot have a Member of Parliament (MP) who irresponsibly uses race to stir the sentiments of Singaporeans. The number two reason I will not vote for Gilbert Goh is because he is irresponsible and he may destroy the racial harmony of Singapore.

#3: Poor Judgement. There is this saying that you are the average of the 5 people that you spend your time with. In the case of Gilbert, he chooses to spend his time with people like Roy Ngerng, Han Hui Hui, Amos Yee and Alex Tan. These people are out to destroy Singapore for no other reason than because they do not agree with the Government’s policies. If these are the friends that Gilbert chooses to associate with, I can only imagine what Gilbert will do if he wins a seat in Parliament. Thus while I cannot dictate who Gilbert Goh chooses as his friends, the number three reason I will not vote for Gilbert Goh is because I doubt that he can put the nation’s good before his personal agenda.

I therefore appeal to the residents of Ang Mo Kio GRC to vote wisely. Keep Gilbert Goh (and the likes of him) out of Parliament for the good of Singapore.

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