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Singapore GE 2015: More Aid for Single Mothers ... Who said it first?

More Aid for Single Mothers ... Who said it first?

It’s definitely not true that Workers’ Party Lee Li Lian mooted the idea that single mothers should receive the same type of benefits as wedded mothers. Talk is cheap, so take a look at the warriors who have raised the matter in Parliament and taken concrete action to help single mothers.

#1 : In 2009, NTUC's Women's Development Secretariat (WDS) launched a special help scheme for single mothers. The project ‘WeCare for U’ was launched by then NTUC Secretary-General Lim Swee Say. WDS also collaborated with the Law Society of Singapore to produce a comprehensive guidebook [] so that single mothers have a better understanding on custody, care and maintenance of children.
aid for single mothers singapore

#2 : In 2010, Marine Parade MP Seah Kian Peng talked about how unwed mothers should be treated as "mothers first and singles second", urging that they should be given benefits like maternity leave.
aid for single mothers seah kian peng

#3 : Mr Wee Siew Kim, then MP for Ang Mo Kio, was also concerned if single mothers and their children are eligible for universal infant and childcare subsidies, government subsidies for healthcare and education, social assistance and 2 days of statutory childcare leave per year under the Employment Act. 
2. It was in 2013 when unwed mothers were given the same amount of infant-care and childcare leave as their married peers. Still, MP Seah Kian Peng continued to ask for unwed mothers to be given the same maternity leave and childcare benefits as married mums. Then Minister for Social and Family Development Chan Chun Sing noted that the call to give unwed mothers the same benefits as married mums is valid. It is also worthy to mention that Mr Chan was raised by his single mother.
aid for single mothers chan chun sing

MSF’s recent announcement that the benefits for single mothers are being reviewed is a signal that the Government continues to recognise such needs and support, regardless of the marital status of the children’s parents.

Clearly, the author of that article need to double check the facts before going around to claim merits for WP. In light of the looming General Elections, some articles have begun to resurface and taken out of context in a bid to twist facts and mislead the public. All these are platforms for WP to validate that they have an ‘outstanding’ report card, and Singaporeans should vote for them. Remember, talk is cheap. So don’t be taken in by false information and understand the facts before jumping to conclusions. 

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