Friday, 3 July 2015

Singapore General Election 2016: Hate the G and Want to Vote WP?

Hate the Government and Want to Vote WP?
As the General Elections draw near, netizens are beginning to urge Singaporeans to vote the PAP out of Government. Their logic is that the PAP is the cause of all their miseries and that a new Government will suddenly make their lives better. While on the emotive level this sounds good, let us consider the bigger ramifications.
The PAP is to Blame for All My Failings. Netizens are quick to blame the PAP for everything. From high cost of living to their inability to buy cars. From being unable to find good paying jobs to the crowding on public transport. The list is endless. In short, Singaporeans expect the good life and a good life after they retire young. I have no problem with these expectations. It is natural for everyone to have them. The problem is that Singaporeans do not think it is their personal responsibility, but the responsibility of the Government to give it to them. The CPF is a case in point. Many want their full CPF upon retirement. They however also want to Government to make sure that they can retire young and have sufficient income to live on comfortably for the rest of their lives. Correct me if I am wrong, but no Government in the world can do that unless it has substantial natural resources. So Singaporeans need to be careful of the stranger that offers them something for nothing. There are no free lunches in the world.
AHPETC Debacle. Aljunied GRC was to have been a test case to show Singaporeans that an opposition party can manage a Town Council. Sadly, as the recent Court case between AHPETC and MND demonstrates, the opposition lacks the character and the gumption. Singapore needs leaders who will always put Singapore ahead of their personal interests. With so much money under their control, only leaders with good character can be expected not to give in to their greed and line their own pockets or the pockets of their cronies. Singapore also need leaders who have the gumption to fight for Singapore. We do not need leaders who will whine in Parliament that 'no one wants to work for him". Imagine if it was not Parliament but in the UN. In short, Singaporeans need to vote for someone they can trust, even if it is someone they do not like. Democracy is not having opposition in Parliament. Democracy is the exercise of your right to choose. So choose wisely.
Singapore GE 2016 playing with fire

Singapore is at a dangerous cross-roads. The electorate has in recent years become awaken to the political process. The Singapore electorate is therefore akin to a child who until recently discovered the use of fire. Without fully comprehending the dangers of fire, or being accustomed to making his own decision on how to use it, the child is prone to being manipulated by those with ill-intentions to burn down his own house. The Singapore Government has always been clear on its approach that Singaporeans decide for Singapore. The Government has never claimed to be perfect and they accept that not all Singaporeans will agree with their views and policies. The Government only asks that the electorate vote with full knowledge of the consequences of their respective choices. If at the end of the day, the electorate chooses the opposition, that is the choice that Singaporeans have to live with - whatever the consequence.

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