Wednesday, 29 July 2015

SG GE2015: Social Media Misinformation - Lan Jiao Whey #ljw

(Reader's Contribution) Lan Jiao Whey #ljw
Here we go again. Election time = gutter politics time. No one is taken in by super-white propaganda in Straits Times and MSM. But this blue-bird talk by opposition not doing us any favours either.   Why don’t you fucking grow up, both of you?
What opposition proxies do – twisting facts, telling half-truths to do max damage to PAP. Resharing old articles, stirring people’s emotions up.  Brand new colour, same old shit. 
1. Half-truths: Inderjit Singh didn’t quit the PAP. Online blue bird brigade juxtaposed retirement statement with earlier speech in Parliament. OK, Inderjit always criticise the PAP, but he is not another Tan Cheng Bock.
sg election 2015 inderjit ng eng hen

singapore ge2015 inderjit singh

2. Vomiting old news: OK, Lim Wee Kiat not so smart – he said some stupid things –a minister needs to be paid a lot because then he can talk to CEO of companies with a straight face. But he said this in 2011. Last week, it was circulating again.
singapore general elections 2015 opposition lies

3.       Temasek didn’t just lose $40 billion. That was in 2009.  But how come this story – with Ho Ching looking damn jia lat and malevolent – suddenly making rounds again?
sg ge2015 TOC misinformation

Brand new colour, same old shit.  Why don’t you fucking grow up, both of you?

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