Monday, 27 July 2015

SG General Election 2015: Opposition Manifesto and False Prophets

Opposition Meet to Divide Up Singapore

singapore opposition manifesto

It was reported that Singapore opposition parties will be meeting this Friday (31 July 2015) to discuss how to divide up Singapore at the General Election 2015.

I don’t know about you, but I find this meeting extremely discomforting.

From what I understand, a political party’s manifesto is its published declaration of their intentions, motives, or views and their own prescriptive notion for carrying out changes. So if there are multiple political parties, it is logical to assume that they should all have different manifestos.

If multiple manifestos exist, then a political party that does not believe enough in its own manifesto, and is willing to bargain with other political parties on where they can run, it can only mean that their manifesto is merely a false front to deceive voters. To these political parties, the prize is not the betterment of Singapore or the lives of Singaporeans, but a game of getting into Parliament to disrupt the Government.

Yes, Singaporeans want an opposition voice in Parliament. However, since not all political parties are genuine, Singaporeans should not vote blindly for the opposition. For Singapore to continue to prosper under any Government, the correct opposition must be voted into Parliament. The opposition voted into Parliament must be one that is credible and who has the interest of Singaporeans at heart.

The litmus test is to see which political party agrees to divide-up Singapore …

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