Thursday, 23 July 2015

Singapore: Anti-Government Sentiments Gone Wrong. Police Report Lodge Over Sengkang West SG50 Decorations

Singapore. 23 July 2015, Talking Singapore just reported on their Facebook page that an opposition supporter has lodged a police report against the SG50 decorations placed at Sengkang West. The report is over the "disrespectful" manner the Singapore flags were placed when they formed part of the number 50.

Reaction by netizens towards the report have been negative with many expressing anger over how anti-government sentiments have gone wrong. The decorations was meant as a way for Singaporeans (regardless of political affiliation) to celebrate the achievements of the nation. It is truly sad how opposition supporters cannot distinguish between Singapore and the PAP, or for the matter, between the Government and the PAP.

sengkang west sg50 decorations police report

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