Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Opposition Supporters Feign Anger to Disrupt National Day Celebrations

singapore flag sengkang macpherson

In recent days, opposition supporters have repeatedly targeted the efforts of every day Singaporeans to fly the Singapore flag in recognition of our Nation's 50th year of independence. These attacks have thus far focused on residents living in Sengkang West and MacPherson.
Opposition supporters have turned to social media to critize the way the flags are hung, where they are hung and even how the preparations were made for the flags to be hung. Quick to find fault and to give a sense of credibility to their complaints, opposition supporters have even cited Rule 4 of the Singapore Arms and Flag and National Anthem Rules in the Statutes and feint anger.
What is very ironic is that these same people who are supposedly angry that the Singapore flag has not been accorded its due respect, are the very ones who do not fly the Singapore flag on National Day. They are the very ones who will not sing the National Anthem or even recite the pledge. Their pseudo anger is merely a ploy to disrupt our Nation's efforts to celebrate our 50th year of independence.
To us, National Day is a day of unity. It is a day for all Singaporeans regardless of the party they support to come together as a Nation. Politicising 9 August is not patriotism. It is treason. If, as the opposition claim that the PAP is not Singapore, then isn't it right that 9th August be spared these petty rhetoric.

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