Wednesday, 22 July 2015

MND Rebuts TOC's Distortions on AGO Report

TOC Targets MND Over AGO Accounting Lapse

MND rebuts TOC AGO report

Andrew Loh's The Online Citizen (TOC), the defacto mouth-piece of the Worker's Party, has gone on over-drive to attack the Ministry of National Development (MND). This is because MND is the government agency that is taking the Worker's Party managed AHPETC to task over the alleged misappropriation of public S&CC grants.
In a 18 July 2015 article, TOC accused NParks of: (a) a series of serious accounting lapses of several years involving tens of millions of dollars for the Gardens by the Bay project; and (b) challenged MND's statement that the integrity of the procurement process has not being comprised.
True to their lack of journalistic integrity and hidden agenda to mislead Singaporeans, TOC has deliberately disseminated distortions and untruths. The truth of the matter is that:
a.    there was only one audit carried out by AGO. The observations cited by AGO came from the audit conducted between August 2013 to June 2014.
b.    MND verified that checks were carried out for the transactions in question, it AGO and MND were satisfied that payments made to suppliers were supported by purchase orders and approved. No exceptions were noted except for two overpayments to suppliers which had been recovered.
In short, unlike the situation with AHPETC, MND has been open on the matter and has held the officers involved accountable. Before TOC accuses MND, TOC should look at their own party. One must surely question TOC why they give so much credibility to an AGO report on MND, but dismiss AGO's report on AHPETC.

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