Thursday, 15 January 2015

Workers Party of Singapore - Rumours of In-fighting

The Workers Party of Singapore may be set to split .... Singapore Political watchers have long speculated that the Workers Party is splintering. Under immense pressure from their success at the Singapore GE 2011, Ms Sylvia Lim and Mr Low Thia Khiang have had to up their game and this means eliminating the "dead weight" who have unconditionally supported the Party since it formation and leadership under JB Jeyaretnam. Their purge has upset many so believe that the Workers Party of Singapore is becoming as elitist as the People's Action Party (PAP).

Workers Party of Singapore Faisal Muhamad Abdul Manap

With the purge, many long time supporters of the Worker Party have abandon their Member of Parliament (MP). It is therefore not an uncommon sight these days to see Party light-weights like Muhamad Faisal Abdul Manap working the ground alone. This, experienced political observers say, is a clear indication of the in-fighting that is taking place in the Workers Party.
Insiders close to key members within the Workers Party have also told SG Bumiputra that that the commercialization of trade fairs at the expense of hard-working Aljunied shopkeepers, and the "dirty manner" in which AHPETC is run, are adding to the rift in the party. Party Activists are beginning to doubt the character, values and intellect of their key leaders. Many Party Activists have become disillusioned and see that the Workers Party of Singapore is putting their own interest ahead of the Singaporean's that they claim to champion.
Singaporeans should therefore think carefully about the people they bring into parliament. Simply voting opposition as you are unhappy with the PAP is dangerous. Vote wisely!

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