Monday, 19 January 2015

Ravi Philemon Threatens Blogger with Arrest and Legal Actions

Ravi Philemon Threatens Singapore Blogger with Arrest and Legal Actions
In an interesting turn of events, free speech proponent Ravi Philemon has threatened SG Bumiputra with arrest and legal actions if we do not take down our blog post and Facebook entry, and publish an apology for making false allegations about him. It is indeed ironic that the post in question is about Ravi Philemon’s support for Charlie Hebdo which champions absolute free speech to the extent of insulting another’s faith and belief.
Ravi Philemon #IamCharlie Law Suit
The #IamCharlie movement is not about freedom of expression. It is about whether this freedom is absolute or whether the exercise of this freedom comes with responsibility. By declaring your support for the #IamCharlie movement, one is saying that freedom of speech is absolute and does not come with responsibility. As the #IamCharlie movement was started in response to the attack on Charlie Hebdo as a result of a comic insulting the prophet  Mohammed, supporting the #IamCharlie movement is saying you agree with the rights to insult Islam and Muslims as it is free speech.
As we consider our decision with regards to Ravi Philemon’s threat of arrest and legal actions, we would like to ask Ravi Philemon (and opposition supporters in general) the following questions:
a.   how they reconcile their belief for absolute free speech when it affects others, and why the right to absolute free speech does not apply when it concerns them
b.   what are their thoughts on Mr Lee Hsien Loong’s defamation suit against Roy Ngerng in view that their own people also now take similar actions to correct perceived inaccuracies

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  3. Ravi Philemon didn't win as expected. If you don't do the ground work don't expect votes. its simple. hope he isn't harassing you.

    1. Yup! As expected. Nope, have not heard a peep out of him.