Monday, 26 January 2015

Demon-cratic Singapore Crosses the Line into Distasteful

In a recent post on the socio-political Facebook page of Demon-cratic Singapore, author Leslie Chew has crossed the line. In his post, Leslie Chew asks for the quick death of Singapore's founding father Mr Lee Kuan Yew and alluded to the fact that Singaporeans would celebrate it endlessly.

Demon-cratic Singapore Distasteful Leslie Chew

While I can understand Leslie Chew's hatred for Mr Lee, I think there is a limit. Beyond which, I think Leslie Chew himself is no better. I would like to ask Leslie Chew, if the tables were turned and people made similar remarks about his own father, how would he feel. In short, Leslie Chew has allowed his hatred, to be so all consuming that he has himself become an ugly and bitter person.

While Leslie's comics were entertaining when they first began, I believe that the comics have becoming nothing but vengeful rants. It is no wonder that Leslie Chew's comics no longer have the following they once had and that viewership is fast dwindling. In our opinion, Leslie's attack on Mr Lee Kuan Yew is nothing more than a desperate attempt to drive up readership for his inevitable appeal for donations.

Our advice to Leslie Chew is to go get a proper job. Perhaps by actually working, you will earn an income and not be so bitter about not having anything at all.

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