Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Chee Soon Juan rebuts Chan Chun Sing

In response to Minister Chan Chun Sing's highlighting of his political failures as an example of why Singaporeans (and hence foreigners), should not give weigh to Dr Chee Soon Juan's  comments on the Huffington Post, Dr Chee Soon Juan responded that "I have, unfortunately or otherwise, chosen a different path. It is, admittedly, not a conventional path and, certainly, not one that leads to power, privilege and a high salary. In this respect Mr Chan is right, I have not succeeded."
Since Dr Chee has admitted that he is a failure, how does that work? Vote for me: I am a failure!
SDP Singapore Chee Soon Juan
If Dr Chee stopped for a moment from his ongoing efforts to denounce Singapore and Singaporeans on the international stage, he would know how ridiculous this sounds. This is no different from a taxi driver saying I failed my driving test, but ride in my taxi anyway. Or a lawyer saying I failed the bar exam, but nonetheless let me defend you in court.
Simply unheard of.
In short, Minister Chan Chun Sing is saying, "trying and not succeeding is fine. Lying and not admitting is not."

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