Friday, 9 January 2015

The Real Singapore Misleads Singapore: Chew Thiam Kwee

The Real Singapore Misleads Singapore
On 9 September 2015, The Real Singapore (TRS) continued its efforts to deceive Singaporeans with an article titled “The Civil Service is “Politically Neutral” but many Civil Servants Are PAP Members”.
The articled was based on the sudden discovery that Dr Lam Pin Min’s, Member of Parliament (MP) for Sengkang West SMC, Branch Secretary is a Senior Manager at NParks, specifically at the Centre for Urban Greenery and Ecology department.
TRS then goes on to argue that one of the fundamental principles of the Civil Service is political neutrality and quoted the Public Service Division (PSD) which defines it to mean “remaining completely neutral in all political matters and matters of public controversy”.
Where TRS is wholly wrong is that NParks is not part of the civil service, but is instead a statutory board. Statutory boards are separate entities from the formal government structure and are set-up to achieve multiple economic goals. Statutory boards are expected to generate their own funds from their activities, and can thus be considered like a private business entity. As such, Mr Chew Thiam Kwee (the “Senior Civil Servant” in TRS’ article is not a civil servant.
As a Singaporean, Mr Chew therefore has the same right as anyone else to support the political party he believes is necessary for Singapore's continued success and survival.
Once again, TRS has shown their contempt for the truth in their deliberate misreporting of the facts on political activities in Singapore.

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