Thursday, 8 January 2015

Workers Party of Singapore: How their supporters whine about the PAP

How Workers Party supporters whine about the PAP: By Sylvia Low Mei Ling
(Taken from the Facebook page of Fabrications About The PAP)
Singapore workers party manifesto 
"Problem happen, complain government lousy. Fix problem, complain government slow. Fix problem fast, complain government should have anticipated. Government anticipates problem and wants to put in safeguard, complain waste of money. Government explains problems and justifies, complain that it’s propaganda and lies. Government doesn’t explain, complain government doesn’t care about public opinion. Hold public dialogue and consultation, complain government wayang and making up the problem. Problem happen, complain government lousy.
WP turn million dollars TC surplus into deficit plus surging arrears? Leave them alone everything is fine I know it. OMG!! Low Thia Khiang I luv jooo!"

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