Friday, 26 December 2014

Worker's Party AHPETC Calls Police on Hougang Central Shopkeepers

Did you know that the Worker's Party AHPETC Called the Police on Hougang Central Shopkeepers?
After AHPETC was formed, it took over common property at Hougang Central and at Kovan where Hougang Mall and Heartland Mall are located respectively. Due to its proximity to Hougang and Kovan MRT stations, there is heavy pedestrian traffic. It became apparent to AHPETC that it could generate revenue by renting out common property for commercial activities. The more frequent and the longer the duration, the more money AHPETC gets. AHPETC pockets money from the highest bidder with little risk. The problem is that the stalls often sold items similar to those of the surrounding HDB shopkeepers.
Workers Party Manifesto for business owners
At first, Hougang HDB shopkeepers were friendly and tolerated. However, as the trade fairs became more frequent and longer in their duration, their businesses were affected and they became unhappy. When the shopkeepers signed a petition and complained to AHPETC, the AHPETC staff called the police. This issue was reported by the press.
For AHPETC, trade fairs is about greed and not about benefiting shopkeepers & residents in Hougang.

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