Monday, 15 December 2014

Han Hui Hui and Roy Ngerng Cry Foul

In typical opposition fashion, the likes of Han Hui Hui, Roy Ngerng and Leslie Chew are hypocrites. On the one hand, they call for restraint on the part of government supporters not to online CSI them and publish their details online, but on the other they do the same.
Singapore opposition supporters tactics

Opposition supporters have had it too good. In the past, they were the only ones online spreading lies and attacking the Government. In those times, opposition supporters simply intimidated government supporters by shouting them down and outing them in public. Things have however changed and the so-called silent majority has woken-up to the need to fight for the Government they believe has done good work, and will continue to do good work for Singapore and Singaporeans.
Not to take things lying down, the silent majority is now giving the opposition and their supporters a taste of their own medicine. If you don't like being out-ed online, then don't out others.

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  1. At SG General Elections 2016, we believe that Han Hui Hui, Roy Ngerng and gang are literally yesterday's news. In one of Hui Hui's recent post on FB criticizing the government, HHH was attacked on her own page.

    It was interesting to observe that only a handful of her die-hard supporters attempted to defend her. But the overwhelming weight of negative comments crushed them.

    Good bye and good riddance Han Hui Hui.