Thursday, 25 December 2014

Worker's Party Uses Provocateur in Marine Parade - Daniel de Costa

Daniel de Costa - A Worker's Party Provocateur in Marine Parade
Daniel de Costa Worker Party Agent
Singapore General Elections (GE) 2016 received news that Daniel de Costa, a well-known supporter of the Worker's Party is hard at work causing trouble in the Marine Parade GRC. Much like pranksters calling the police hotline direct valuable resources away from real crimes, Daniel de Costa's actions also waste finite civil and public resources to address his frivolous claims.
Daniel de Costa came to fame during Singapore's 2011 President Elections when he was caught by journalists booing Mr Tony Tan on nomination day. When interviewed by reporters, Daniel simply replied that he was cheering for Mr Tan Jee Say. Of course, eye-witness accounts differed from what Daniel de Costa claimed.
Subsequently, in March 2012, Daniel de Costa sent a letter to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong for an allege fall he had in a Hawker Centre. Daniel's rationale for seeking the Prime Minister's assistance was because after his fall (instead of calling the Singapore Civil Defence Force for assistance), Daniel's calls for medical assistance to the National Environment Agency (NEA), the Town Council and to his Member of Parliament (MP) did not yield the medical help he felt he deserved.
More recently, in November 2014, Singapore General Elections (GE) 2016 has learnt that Daniel de Costa (we suspect in an attempt to mask his involvement) has begun writing to various Government and Media agencies using his mother's name. In his latest series of emails, a Mdm Judy Tan Guat Lan, claims that the Government's ongoing efforts to improve the living environment of Singaporeans, has resulted in "hundreds of homeless & destitute feeding on leftovers at the Geylang East Market & Food Centre". This is naturally untrue.
From the tone and angle of Daniel de Costa's various actions and emails, couple this with his well-known affiliation to the Worker's Party, it is clear that Daniel de Costa is an provocateur acting on behalf of the Worker's Party. Far from being harmless, while Daniel's claims are out-right ridiculous, civil and public servants cannot simply ignore them. Each time he (or his mother) writes in, valuable time and resources are wasted investigating the claim, writing a report and then responding to him. The time taken for the officers to do all, could have been better spent serving the needs of real residents.

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