Tuesday, 23 December 2014

SingFirst Ignores Netizens' Facebook Questions

While researching the pedigree of Singapore's newest political party SingFirst, we discovered that the Secretary-General of the party is none other than Mr Tan Jee Say. Mr Tan is a vocal opponent of the Government, and he is a former senior civil servant, principal private secretary to the Prime Minister (Mr Goh Chok Tong) and a former presidential hopeful.
singfirst manifesto tan jee say
During our research, we came across an article by The Real Singapore in which Mr Tan Jee Say deliberately made misleading statements about the salaries of Singaporean workers. We view the statement as "deliberately misleading" as Mr Tan Jee Say is a former senior civil servant and would have been well acquainted with the facts of the matter. A simple check online with jobs portals like JobStreet would have proven Mr Tan Jee Say wrong.
Desiring to give Mr Tan Jee Say an opportunity to clarify his statement, we contacted Mr Tan via his party's Facebook page on 18 December 2014. Since then, his party has continued to post more articles on their Facebook page, but have chosen to ignore our questions. Interestingly, we are not the only ones asking for him to clarify his statement. Despite the overwhelming number of people prompting him to respond, Mr Tan Jee Say has remained silent.
It always puzzles Singapore General Elections (GE) 2016 why opposition parties always expect their questions to be answered by the Government, but when it comes time to answer questions posed to them, nothing is ever forthcoming. The Worker's Party of Singapore is also famous for this.
It is ironic that SingFirst and the Worker's Party are calling for the Government to be open and transparent and to answer questions posed by Singaporeans, but they themselves do not live by the same code.

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