Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The Real Singapore Facebook Misleads Singaporeans - Josephine Teo

The Real Singapore (TRS) Facebook misleads Singaporeans with their deliberately false and inflammatory headlines. In their battle to turn Singaporeans against the People's Action Party (PAP), the anti-Government Facebook page and website of TRS deliberately misquotes government officials in an obvious attempt to discredit them.

the real singapore facebook misleads singaporeans
This form of headline misinformation campaign is common in cyberspace as the huge deluge of information results in netizens only skimming the titles of each article. By only reading the headlines, a false perception of the Government is thus created in the minds of innocent Singaporeans.
While the TRS claims to be the Voices of Average Singaporeans, their constant and consistent misrepresentation of the truth alludes to their sinister motive. The team at Singapore General Election (GE) 2016 is concerned that innocent Singaporeans are being misled and will dedicate a series of posts (titled "How The Real Singapore Misleads Singaporeans") to counter the misinformation of TRS.
We hope that you will join us in fighting this misinformation campaign by sharing our links with your friends and relatives. Singapore GE 2016 will be a social media election and it is important that Singaporeans go to the polls armed with the truth. Our future and the future of our families will be determined at the polls and we cannot afford to allow the misguided (and malicious) actions of the minority jeopardize our lives.

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