Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Shutdown TRS: TRS threatened our defense repeatedly, now its readers follow

If the Singapore General Election (GE) 2011 was not a social media election, the upcoming GE 2016 will definitely be one. Sociopolitical blogs and anti-government websites have mushroomed and many are trying to influence Singaporeans with misinformation about the Government and its policies.
Singapore General Elections 2016 was alerted by one of readers to the following post ...
A frequent reader of TRS, whose Facebook account is dedicated to commenting on TRS articles (this can be seen from his profile, which has no posts except for comments on TRS), blamed the unfortunate missing plane incident on the PAP, to set it as the pretext for his next statement.
He asked for ISIS to “bomb Parliament House”, all on the pretext of being anti-PAP.

TRS top stories

TRS had been posting many articles threatening our defense, such as fabricating lies, even calling our fighter jets “junk”, and also drumming up support against the defense of Singapore.

TRS best stories

Click here to read more of them threatening Singapore’s defense.
If this is not enough, here is another long list of their articles defaming Singapore. This list is backed up by evidence.
Despite these, something Singaporeans need to be aware of is that TRS earns USD$299.64 per day from their articles. (Link)
As if these are still not enough, TRS had tried to disrupt the peaceful and multi-religious Singapore, even resorting to create a fake account dedicated for this task. (Link)
To make things worse, 153k of their fans are not in Singapore (this figure is outdated and has now increased).
As if these are still not enough, here are even more reasons why Singaporeans should stand united against TRS, which include:
The fact that TRS buys fake likes, censor the truth, use handpicked sexual images, luring fake Singaporeans to condemn Singapore, stirring hatred, twisting news, deceive that their articles are submitted in, and many more.
(Click the image below for evidence)
TRS real agenda

Their agenda is unknown, but there is an urgent need to stop this page who has been deceiving more and more Singaporeans each day (and making more money).
This article first appeared at Shutdown TRS.

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