Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Singapore General Election 2015: WP Luke Koh a Wife Beater

I read the TNP today and saw the juicy story about the WP candidate Luke Koh beating his wife. 

What shocked me more is when I saw Cherian George jumping in and say that this is gutter politics over an acrimonious divorce. This is not about the divorce but everything to do with what kind of people are we getting into parliament. It is only gutter politics only if it is untrue. But for this Luke fella, he has much to explain.

From TNP, I can summarize that Luke Koh is criminal. His ex-wife took a PPO against him. He tried to climb over the fence of his ex-wife's house. That is a criminal trespass.

Secondly, he is a wife-beater. He assaulted his wife and breached the PPO to create a scene at her house. 

Thirdly, he is a liar. When TNP asked him, he declined to comment and said this matter is out of bound. So he gets to define what is out of bound now?

Finally, he is an hypocrite. After making the song and dance of being a champion for graduate mothers etc, he is nothing but a wife-beater. AWARE should be aware. 

So it really puzzles me why does George Cherian, with his outstanding records of fine journalistic work made such comments with no sensitivity to the suffering his ex-wife has gone through and the type of people we are choosing into political office? May be it has to do with him and how he treats Zuraidah.

Now it is up to Luke to prove TNP wrong!

WP Luke Koh wife abuser

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