Sunday, 6 September 2015

Low Thia Khiang Lies! Hougang Town Council was not in the black

At one of the Workers' Party's recent rally, Png Eng Huat and Low Thia Khiang openly declared to their supporters that Hougang Town Council (HGTC) was in the black before they merged with Aljunied GRC. 

This is once again misleading as they took a snap-shot without declaring that they had debts to be paid. Additionally, HGTC's published financial reports show that they were in the red since 2008. In fact, their own auditors were concerned about the continued operations of HGTC.

Once again more half-truths by the Workers' Party to mislead SingaporeansThis simple animation by Citizen Sane explains the full story .... #sharethetruth #stopthe lies #stopwp

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