Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Singapore General Election 2015: Politics is dirty

SG General Elections just received the following copies of briefing notes by opposition supporters. These notes are to be used by opposition supporters during the cooling off day to do whisper campaigns against the People's Action Party (PA).

While it is not immediately who created the notes and who is behind this campaign, our guess it is either the Workers' Party (WP) or the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP). Why is this our guess? Simply because these two parties are schooled in the Taiwanese art of political campaigning and this has been their method of operations for years.

You be the judge. Do you want people like these as your leaders? The WP wants to form the next Government. If you vote more of them into Parliament, Singapore is doomed.

Vote wisely! 

WP whisper campaign ge2015

singapore ge2015 wp dirty tricks

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