Tuesday, 1 September 2015

AHPETC Financial Report FY2014/2015

AHPETC, now directly run by the Workers' Party, proudly announced that they have submitted the statutory required documents on time. If one did not know the full story, one would be surprised as to why there is great fanfare for an organization to do what it is required by law to do.

Accompanying that announcement, was also a statement that AHPETC had achieved a slight surplus for Financial Year 2014/2015. In and of itself, these 2 statements convey to the layman that all is fine in AHPETC. Unfortunately, what the two statements failed to do,  which they were deliberately designed to do, is to tell the truth about what went on and is still going on in AHPETC.

The following infographic tells you what AHPETC does not tell you .... or want you to know. #sharethetruth #ge2015 #sgelections

AHPETC financial report 2014 2015

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