Sunday, 31 May 2015

A Concerned Citizen: AHPETC, when will you tell the truth?

AHPETC, when will you tell the truth?

AHPETC MND verdict of court case

I used to think the PAP was 'fixing' AHPETC. AHPETC is run by the opposition Worker's Party. So I used to think that any trouble AHPETC ran into was probably played up by the PAP to make WP look bad.
Even when the Auditor General found problems in AHPETC's accounts, I closed one eye because they were newcomers on the block. Of course they would make a bit of mistakes before they get more experience, right? At least they were honest and served their residents with integrity.
But when I saw the recent court decision from the case between MND and AHPETC, I was stunned like a vegetable.
The judge said that the Chairperson of AHPETC, Sylvia Lim, had hidden the truth about AHPETC's money transfers from Parliament. She told Parliament that AHPETC had been transferring money to its sinking funds, when actually AHPETC had made the transfers late. AHPETC had even made one of the transfers the day before she was supposed to answer for AHPETC's actions in Parliament!
So Sylvia, please tell us, your ex-supporters, the truth: why did you mislead Parliament? It's one thing to make beginner's mistakes, but another thing to speak to Parliament without honesty and integrity. I can forgive small mistakes, but I cannot forgive people who hide the truth.
WP, I thought I supported you for your honesty and integrity. That's what we raised you up to Parliament for - to be our honest voice; to look after our interests. But if you can't even be honest in your own accounts to Parliament, I wonder what else you're not honest in.
A concerned citizen

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