Saturday, 2 May 2015

AHPETC: What Sylvia Lim does not want Singaporeans to know ...

In the on-going saga over the likely misappropriation of government S&CC grants by AHPETC, one common refrain we hear from Ms Sylvia Lim and the Worker's Party is that the AGO Special Audit gave them a clean bill of health. The WP is telling their residents that if there is reasonable suspicion of any offence being committed, the CPIB/CAD would have been called in to investigate. So if CPIB and CAD have not stepped-in, this proves that AHPETC has done nothing wrong.

WP lies about AHPETC

What Ms Sylvia Lim, the Worker's Party and AHPETC have not told their residents is that the AGO Special Audit did not NOT find any criminal wrong-doing as this was beyond the scope of the audit. What the AGO Special Audit did find was that the financial reports submitted by AHPETC are not reliable and not accurate. MND has now asked for the appointment of an Independent Auditor, who will be tasked to do a forensic audit, and the CPIB/CAD will be called in once an offence is found. This is precisely why AHPETC does not want the Courts to appoint an Independent Auditor

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