Sunday, 17 May 2015

Amos Yee … Saint or Villian?

Amos Yee … Saint or Villian?
Amos Yee accuses Vincent Law of molest

In an interesting week, the darling of the opposition has turn out to be their worst nightmare. Trying to capitalize on the so-called unjust “persecution” of a young child exercising his constitutional right to free speech, activists like Roy Ngerng, Vincent Law (an aspiring SDP candidate for GE2016), Jolovan Wham and Alfian Sa’at threw themselves behind Amos Yee.
Unfortunately for them, Amos was wiser than they thought and he "out-ed" them for the fakes that they are. In a lengthy blog post titled “The Molestation Of Vincent Law”, Amos gave a blow by blow account of how these hypocrites attempted to exploit him for their own political gains.
In Amos’ mind, Vincent Law is a “charlatan, a huckster, a hypocrite and a fraud.” According to Amos, Vincent is now hounding his mother, demanding that Amos issue a public apology to him and his family. Otherwise Vincent would get a lawyer to sue him. Amos rightly pointed out that if Vincent was truly standing up for him and is fighting for freedom of speech, Vincent would be fighting against the laws that claims that even if somebody lies, mocks or offends a person or large amounts of people, it should not be deemed as a criminal offense. But now, when the cause that Vincent so boldly advocated, is used unfavorably towards him, he is now threatening to use those exact same laws that he went against, to sue Amos.
According to Amos, even Roy Ngerng is a hypocrite. Roy told Amos that it’s going to be so hard for us to advocate for you, now that you’ve humiliated Vincent. That is when Amos responded that "if my fanbase consists of hypocrites, then despite your support I wouldn’t want it. When things looks bad, and you threaten to remove the support you once had for me. Then fine, good riddance. If that’s the kind of support I receive, one that’s so easily withdrawn, then believe me, I do not wish to acquire your quote unquote ‘support’."
In short, Amos Yee, in our opinion has single-handedly destroyed opposition activists like Roy Ngerng, Vincent Law and Alfian Sa’at by revealing their true characters. If Singaporeans have seen first-hand the true character of Roy, Vincent and Alfian, some good has come out of Amos Yee saga.

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