Saturday, 2 May 2015

AHPETC: 6 Distortions by the Worker's Party

The court hearing to determine MND's request to appoint an independent auditor for AHPETC will be heard next week. In a desperate attempt to continue to hide the truth from the public, AHPETC has gone on the offensive to appoint their "own external accounting firm". This is no different from when they said they would sort the matter out 3 years ago and is designed to distort the truth and mislead Singaporeans.

WP distortions about AHPETC

Let us look at some of the other distortions that AHPETC and the Worker's Party will resort to ....

Distortion #1: Politically Motivated. This is absolutely not true. MND is an impartial statutory board charged with the responsibility to ensure that tax-payers' money, and in this case, S&CC grants are used for their intended purposes. MND's request for the appointment of an independent auditor was made in direct response to the Worker's Party's own appeal to MND to release S&CC grants which have been withheld pending assurances that tax-payers money would not be misused. MND is thus doing this to help AHPETC.

Distortion #2: The Special Audit Found Nothing Wrong with AHPETC's Accounts. Contrary to what the Woker's Party wants Singaporeans to believe, the special audit did not not find any misappropriations. What the special audit did find, which was the only scope it had, was that the financial reports submitted by AHPETC was not accurate and that the actual health of AHPETC could not be determined.

Distortion #3: MND is going-back on its word to give AHPETC till Jun and Dec to file clean accounts. If this is what AHPETC wants, then do not appeal for the release of S&CC grants. Remember, MND's actions are the direct result of AHPETC's request.

Distortion #4: AHPETC is already doing many things to "fix the problems", and that the application for an independent auditor is not necessary. Yes, it may be true that AHPETC is working hard to fix the problems with their accounts, we however cannot say definitively that AHPETC is actually working to fix the problems. Their past records show that they are not likley to keep their word.

Distortion #5: Legal process is costly, and that the bill has to be paid for by the residents of Aljunied. Let us not forget that that it was AHPETC's own actions that resulted in legal actions by MND. This is very similar to you taking money from a friend, not using it as intended, and then accusing your friend of making you pay legal costs when he seeks to recover the money owed to him. It is simply illogical. 

Distortion #6: Another set of auditors is going to sap AHPETC’s energy, and affect service to residents. Accurate book-keeping is part and parcel of any business or organization. If proper accounting systems are in place, submitting to an auditor is not time-consuming.

These are some of the distortions that SG Bumiputera predicts that AHPETC and the Worker's Party will use in the coming weeks. Let's see if we are correct ....

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