Friday, 10 April 2015

Roy Ngerng Denounces Singapore and Singaporeans

Roy Ngerng Denounces Singaporeans
Continuing in his deranged quest for attention, Roy Ngerng recently gave an interview to the Hong Kong tabloid Apple Daily where he denounced the reputation of Singapore and Singaporeans.

Roy Ngerng CPF Protest

In his interview, Roy continued to martyr himself by saying that he hoped that his sacrifice will embolden Singaporeans to vote for the opposition. Roy also criticized Singaporeans for not having the courage to stand-up to the PAP and for abandoning him in his quest to get the Government to return our CPF. Roy's anger about being abandoned stems from the fact that he received over $100,000 in donations to fight a defamation suit against Mr Lee Hsien Loong, but this had stopped after it was revealed that Roy had not been as open and transparent about how the money was being spent. To date, no proper accounting has been provided by Roy Ngerng or his stooge Han Hui Hui about how the money was spent.
In response to Roy's claims that Singaporeans are afraid to vote for the opposition, Roy cannot be more wrong. If the so called fear exists, how then do you account for the fact that the Worker's Party won seats at the last election and how do you explain that the government only got 60% of the popular vote.
The truth of the matter is that Singaporeans are not afraid to vote for the opposition. The truth is that Singaporeans know credible candidates from the failures. So Roy, stop denouncing Singaporeans and wake-up to the truth that Singaporeans just won't vote for failures like you and Han Hui Hui. Like Minister Chan Chun Sing once said, the crux of the matter is not that Singaporeans have not heard Roy Ngerng. The crux of the matter is that they have heard Roy Ngerng and they have chosen to ignore him.

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