Friday, 17 April 2015

Amos Yee Spends Night in Remand After Parents Decide Not to Bail Him Out

Teen blogger Amos Yee Spends Night in Remand
Amos Yee Remand Jail Parents

In a surprising move, welcomed by netizens, teenage wannabe dissident Amos Yee spent last night in remand (jail) after his own parents refused to bail him out.
Amos Yee is the Singapore 16 year old who was charged in court for posting a video with the intention of hurting the religious feelings of Christians and another video containing remarks about the late Mr lee Kuan Yew which offended people. Amos was previously granted police bail pending his court case on the explicit condition (which he accepted) not to post, upload or distribute anything related to the case.
On April 14, Amos Yee deliberately breached his bail conditions when he blogged and posted on Facebook, asking for public donations. While this cannot be confirmed, many netizens believe that Roy Ngerng and Leong Sze Hian are behind Amos Yee's last actions to challenge the Singapore judiciary. Undated pictures of Amos Yee and his mother meeting with Roy and Sze Hian have been circulating online and this comes in addition to news that Amos Yee had met with senior members of the Singapore Democratic Party days before his seditious video was posted. There are also pictures of Roy Ngerng standing in the shadows at Amos' pre-trial conferences.
In a move seen to demonstrate the severity of his offence and that he should not treat court orders lightly, the court has also ordered Amos Yee to report to his investigation officer at the Bedok Police Station at 9 am every day as part of his new bail conditions.
While Yee had agreed to the new conditions, his parents refused to bail him out. The prosecution then asked the Judge to vary the bail condition to allow a Singaporean other than Yee’s parents to post bail. But the Bail Office closed at 4:30 pm, the same time Yee’s closed-door meeting ended.
Is Amos Yee the new pawn of opposition activists? You be the judge ...

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