Monday, 13 April 2015

Amos Yee - More Trouble-maker Than Innocent Youth

As the spot-light begins to shine on Amos Yee, more evidence is emerging to support the theory that he is not a misguided youth, but a political activists out to discredit the Government.

In the attached picture, taken from Amos' own Facebook page, his disdain for his parents is obvious. What sort of son would publicly call his own mother "an absolute bitch?" Most definitely someone who is ungrateful and without the proper values to appreciate, or at least show respect, to someone who has raised you. 

Amos Yee Facebook page

Perhaps one cannot fully blame Amos Yee. After all, the following picture shows the type of people he mixes with. People like Roy Ngerng himself who is a public failure who goes around the world denouncing Singapore and Singaporeans. Someone who (in my opinion) embezzled money from trusting Singaporeans while pretending to champion transparency and accountability.

Amos Yee Roy Ngerng SDP pawn

If there was ever any doubt that Amos Yee should get his just desserts, I think all that is gone.

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