Saturday, 25 April 2015

Jeyaretnam has no faith in his own Reform Party

In a recent blog post dated 13 April 2015, leader of The Reform Party, Kenneth Jeyaretnam, was arguing why a by-election had to be called for the parliamentary seat vacated by the death of Singapore's founding Prime Minister - Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

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It is enlightening to note that Kenneth Jeyaretnam ended his article by calling for "Opposition parties to come together and agree to field a joint 'A' team against the PAP."  It is enlightening because this is a clear indication that Kenneth Jeyaretnam knows that he is unable to win and needs to ride on the popularity of other opposition figures like Low Thia Khiang.

While the other opposition parties have not responded, we can certain that established parties like the Worker's Party will not agree. After all, why should they allow someone like Kenneth Jeyaretnam to ride on their success to a seat in Parliament.
We have never given much credibility to The Reform Party. However, after this appeal but its leader, which is a personal admission that The Reform Party lacks a pool of credible candidates, we are certain that The Reform Party is dead in the water.

P.S. Why would someone mock his own father by naming his site "Son of a Dud"? In fact, if it were not for his father JBJ, no one would know who Kenneth Jeyaretnam is. A man who cannot respect his own father, deserves no respect.

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