Saturday, 29 November 2014

Singapore GE 2016: Singapore's Silent Majority Stands-up Against the Vocal Minority

In an increasingly fractured social media environment in Singapore, the vocal minority have enjoyed a field day against the PAP government. Whatever the Government does, good or bad, will be met with an avalanche of negative criticism. The situation has gotten so bad that any outsider will think that the Singapore Government is the worst in the world. Ironically, to many foreigners, Singapore's Government is one that they want for their own country.
One tactic that the opposition has used to force the compliance of the silent majority, is through the use of a name, shame and abuse strategy. Whenever a Singaporean speaks-up in support of the Government, opposition supporters will label them a PAP IB, call them names, and then "out" them by posting their personal details online.
Singapore General Election 2016 is glad that more of the silent majority are starting to come out and stand-up for a Government that is doing its best for Singapore. No government is perfect, but at least we have a Government that works.
If you are part of the silent majority, join Mr Tan Swee Swee's Facebook page Singapore for True Singaporeans.
Singapore silent majprity
There are two reasons why the silent majority needs to stand-up. Firstly, lies that are repeated often enough will become "truths", and secondly, all it takes for evil to thrive is for the good to remain silent.
So fight for the Singapore (and Government) you want. Your country needs you!

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