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Does supporting/rooting for the PAP Government mean that you have to agree with every single thing they do?

Does supporting or rooting for the PAP Government mean that you have to agree with every single thing they do? 

Well, for me, it is a no. There are some of their policies I do not agree with, some I feel they can do more. But, why do I support them?
And also, some suggestions to improve Singapore. This article has 2 parts. The main point is stated in the previous paragraph. Hope for everyone to give suggestions/feedback on this article and help to share it around.
I support the Government, but there are still some areas I do not agree with. These are a few. I will explain the reason why I still support the Gov. in the later part of the article. Or if you are in a hurry and do not have much time to read the whole article now, you can just scroll down to the part where I explain the reasons why I still support them.
NEW CITIZENS: For example, I feel that more can be done when allowing New Citizens in, granting PRs/New Citizenship.
Perhaps, there can be more stringent measures, like only accepting those who are dedicated to Singapore. Many of them are let in too easily, while most are just here for the money, for the fruits of labour of Singaporeans in the past years, to enjoy our infrastructure etc...
Yes, we cannot show that we do not welcome new citizens, or investors. Yes, many of them have caused problems in Singapore - such as overcrowding of Public Transport, competition in education/schools etc.. But, we need those dedicated ones, or ones that can truly help us while minimising the impact on Singaporeans. But, I feel that the number of PRs/New Citizens we are letting in are too much.
There are some who look down on Singaporeans, they are some who always want to be "in front" of us Singaporeans, there are some causing stress in Work/Education. There are some who are just here for the money, and back in their homeland, they have another 'life' there, like another house for investment, relatives etc, and if anything happens to Singapore, they will just run back there, and ignore Singapore. These are the types who should be filtered out, and the interview process should be more stringent, and more on determining who are the ones who are really dedicated to Singapore.
On the other hand, there are also some who really want to help Singapore, there are some who have dedication in Singapore, there are some who really love Singapore no matter what we become. These are the ones who should be let in, and not the ones in the previous paragraph.
I feel that, more can be done to separate these 2 different groups, and letting in only 1 group of them, as this at the same time, can also reduce the number of PRs/New Citizens here.
SINGAPOREANS: Another example would be how I feel that there should be more benefits for Singaporeans, to distinguish us from the PRs/New Citizens.
I am glad that the Gov. is already helping to give Singaporeans more benefits, and less for PRs/New Citizens. For example, when buying flats, in Edusave, when balloting for places in schools etc.. However, these only deter them from buying flats, getting into Education. What I feel can be done is, to give Singaporeans further benefits and less for them, when they are already in Education, already get into schools, already bought their flats.
At work, Singaporeans should be given more opportunities, more incentives, and a significant higher pay than PRs/New Citizens.
In education, Singaporeans be given more priorities, more awards, scholarships, meant only for Singaporeans. 
SINGAPORE FIRST: Another example would be on how I feel that we should not "help build other cities" too much.
I am referring to "building cities" like helping to develop other countries' infrastructure, like Danga Bay, or the ones in China.
We could instead focus more on Singapore first, until our infrastructure is fully developed. I have came across articles about how many Singapore companies have chose to leave Singapore, and move to the 2 developments stated above, as it is cheaper there.
This would hurt our economy, if investors turn to them instead. Companies may choose to move over there, people may choose to move over there, and could result in a "brain drain".
The Gov. has done well in attracting investors, companies to set up here etc.. But developing other cities' would reverse all these efforts.
As a Singaporean, I feel uneasy when advertisments advertising other places as "It will be the next Sentosa" are being published. There is only one Singapore here, and as a dedicated Singaporean, I do not feel happy when there is another "replica" of us being made.
But, despite these that I do not agree with, why do I still support the Gov.?
I may disagree with these, but can the Opposition do better? Can they fully solve this problem as well? In regulating New Citizens/PRs while not neglecting other consequences, in continuing to maintain good ties with other countries, in carefully planning the budget for the best of Singapore etc.. I have more faith in the Gov. in this, for what they have already proven to us and shown us over the years.
I am confident in them.
The Government has done very well in other policies, plans, and in leading Singapore. I may not agree with the 3 points pointed out above, but while I may not agree with everything, there are much more things that they have done well. Let's not just look at the bad side, instead, look at the good side of them, it is much more. Many people have been complaining about what they do not agree, but they are completely ignoring what they have done very well.
It is not about being thankful to them for their efforts that I support them, it is who I feel can manage Singapore. Both the Government and the Opposition may want the best for Singapore, but it is about who can do it better.
It is not about one side being "bad", neither sides are perfect, but I stress again, it is who has the ability to lead Singapore to a better future.
Running a country is not as easy as it seems. There are many more problems that it seems that we need to solve. Only by solving these problems, can we progress to an even better nation.
When making a decision about Singapore, a new policy for example, many factors have to be considered. Internal and External factors. It is not as simple like just writing/saying it out, then tada, a new policy is formed. It does not work like that.
We need a Government with great foresight as well. One who has the ability to do long-term planning, while not neglecting the present, and vice versa. I would support one who knows what Singapore needs. Many have the misconception that we, Singapore, should "learn from other countries' policies", and we can achieve the same success in the area as them. We are much different from other countries. Our policies have to be unique, and we need to stand out in other to achieve success.
That's all for this article, hope for everyone to read it, and give your suggestions/feedback on it. You may disagree with any point in this article, but please point it out politely. Thanks.
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